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    *S_1X) was founded by @josefiinaida and @tiinape in 2020. For years Ida had been thinking about how big consumer business could be used to affect change and drive social impact within popular culture. S1X is the brainchild of this years-long thought process.

    We are now a small team of creatives looking to use our skills and perspectives to build a brand that provokes conversation through creation.

    Apparel, prints & sometimes the occasional surprise.

    We strive for fully traceable products. We only use certified organic and/or recycled materials in our garments and strive for the smallest footprint possible in packaging and other materials used across our range of products.

    Our garments are made in partnership with Reflect Studio in Istanbul. The products are embroidered and printed in Belgium with local small businesses and artisans.

    All our prints are archival quality, using a variety of techniques including lithography, ciglée and screen printing. We collaborate with artisan printers locally in Belgium.

    We collaborate with 1) contemporary artists whose work explores social phenomena from diverse perspectives 2) organizations making an impact across a range of different causes. You can see past collaborations here. Send us an email at "hello@studio-1x.com if you’re interested in exploring a future collab with us.

    One of the most powerful ways to affect change in an inclusive and non-violent way is to broaden the inter-subjective experience through culture and art. We highlight artists’ voices as observers of society.

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    Ask us anything - hello@studio-1X.com


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