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    Industry standards


    ‘Kitsch’, an aesthetic ideal “in which shit is denied and everyone acts as though it did not exist” (as defined by Milan Kundera) is fittingly applicable to the commercial culture of today. We are conscious of the voluntary blindfolding of ourselves that shields us from the grotesque truths that enable our everyday lives to go on without much disruption.

    Society has unequivocally accepted principles that destroy lives for the production of goods. We worship at the image of the jet-setter, and squirm at the confrontation that the concept of ‘industry’ has been laced in so much of the ugly sides of humanity.

    In collaboration with four contemporary artists, INDUSTRY STANDARDS uncovers and explores the central dogma of our paradoxical existence. We acknowledge how fitting it is that we are launching a collection of items with the sole purpose of questioning the need for collecting items.

    We question the breadth and width of our behavior as consumers, addressing the paradoxes and asking if the problem is that we can’t change, or that we don’t want to change. And we uncover the complexity in supply chains, tracing the realties that eventually deliver your avocado toast on the brunch table.