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    Rafael Pérez Evans


    Rafael Pérez Evans (Málaga,1983) Pérez Evans produces sensitive materials and gestures through installations that surprise and provoke collisions. Assembling readymades that are taken from architecture, food markets and utensils of transportation, he inventively crunches together the man made with the organic. After having abandoned a lineage of southern Spanish peasants for a queer city life, he asks himself what are the responsibilities of a global artist who is operating dually: in the global market & regionally-locally? Through a recent disenchantment with the city he now asks things from objects as a way to reorient himself within a groundless territory. 

    Often with the help of non-human actors such as flora and fauna he enquires into a rural vs. urban divide, where an accelerated floating modern man is asked to slow down, become clumsy and get entangled with a rural periphery that he is blindly governing. Evans’s artistic research digs within news stories and histories to find uncertainties, moments in time that expose a political, social and cultural paradox. The artist chews and salivates on this aseptic news content, to transform it into a sticky substance which he spits back out into news circulation. With these processes his sculptural constructions, gestures and environments point to disorientate, clog and smudge a map of a western rationalism from which he seeks to escape. 

    Lives and works in London and Spain. He received a BA  & MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths University. His work has been exhibited internationally with recent solo-exhibitions at Nogueras Blanchard (Barcelona), Queens Collective (Marrakesh) & Abierto Theredoom Gallery (Madrid), two person exhibitions at Despina (Rio de Janeiro) and Yusto Giner Gallery (Spain), group exhibitions at Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei (Taiwan), South London Gallery (UK), Museum of Modern Art Karlsruhe (Germany), Leeds Art Gallery (UK), C3A (Spain), & Matadero (Madrid). He is recipient of the Henry Moore Institute & Leeds Beckett Scholarship 2019 (UK), Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2019 (UK), Chelsea Arts Club Trust Scholarship 2019 (UK), ‘A Secas’ Award C.A.A.C Museum 2017 (Spain), as well as being nominated for the DKV Prize 2018 (Spain) and the Miquel Casablancas Award (2017 & 2018).  He has completed residencies in C3A (Córdoba), Hangar (Barcelona), Matadero (Madrid), Red Studios (São Paulo) & Sassafrass (USA). Rafael also has an interest in expanded pedagogies where formal and informal platforms for knowledge exchange are created and disseminated, he created Alto Residency in the jungle of Alto Paraiso (Brazil), was co-founder of Art Lab Romita 26 (Mexico City) and is part of the Gazua Project (Rio de Janeiro). He has been a Visiting Lecturer at Central Saint Martins (UK), Leeds Beckett (UK), Nottingham Trent University (UK), University of Rochester (UK) and  London College of Fashion (UK).